Lock Boxes

Lock boxes offer a convenient way to store your keys and control access at residential and commercial properties. You can set your own 4-digit combination for keyless convenience and increased security.


Product Specifications:

  • Numeric lockbox hangs easily on any doorknob, fence, railing or pipe
  • Able to hold multiple keys and/or key cards
  • Logo only available with optional cover
  • Branded logo option available for double lockbox
  • Over the door knob mount


Lock Type Options:

  • Single Lock (Black): Sturdy construction prominently displaying your logo. Large body design; able to hold multiple keys and/or key cards. Extremely convenient – store and lock up multiple items. Door Guard rubber bumper protects surfaces, includes weather cover for protection.


  • Double Lock (Silver): Double lockbox offers an extra layer of safety to prevent theft. Even after the lockbox with key compartment is opened, the shackle cannot be released unless a separate 3-digit code is entered on the shackle lock inside. That prevents this padlock lockbox from being removed from the doorknob or railing.


  • Optional Cover: Affordable option for adding branding (logo) to your single and double lock box.


Turnaround Time (Production Time Only):

  • 1-2 business days


Shipping Options:

SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
---150C$ 35.00

Select Options


Single lock boxes are without company branding logo.
To brand your lock please include the optional Cover.


Double Lock can have your company logo printed on.

Covers are changable shells with company logo printed on them.

TotalC$ 35.00
(C$ 35.00 each)