Tuesday , August 11 2020

Covid-19 Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

Covid 19Many businesses, the real estate market included, have undergone many changes after Spread of Covid-19. Since this uninvited guest is easily transmitted from a person to another, these days the necessity for sticking to health advice and safety protocols is emphasized more than ever. Considering the high restrictions imposed by governments on businesses as a result of the recent crisis, many people who intend to buy or sell properties ask what to do now? In spite of Covid-19, property transactions are still being conducted. Though restrictive rules have affected the commercial activities, sellers still contact real estate agents to market their property and home buyers are still visiting open houses. Here is some safety advice for real estate agents during Covid-19. 

How to Protect Your Clients and Yourself? 

Communicate via Technology  

Covid 19It is no secret that successful communication is the most essential skill for a real estate business. In the current situation, however, taking alternative approaches to in-person conversations is the matter of urgency. Face-to-face interaction should be avoided as much as possible. Instead of meeting your clients in your office, it is recommended to set a date and time for talking to the parties through phone calls, emails, video chat programs, or any other communication technologies.  

Make Virtual Tours 

These days, hosting open houses may bring up many challenges for house sellers because it can put their health in danger. Alternatively, you can focus on showcasing the properties by holding video 3D tours for the buyers. Since they are interactive by design, virtual tours help you not only to keep in touch with your existing clients but also attract new prospects to your business during Covid-19. 

Schedule Live Streaming Open Houses 

A huge number of home buyers begin their search online. Live streaming in popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube is a great alternative to hosting open houses. Since they are noticed and seen by hundreds of people, live videos are great tools to showcase the properties on the market during Covid-19. You can share them with your followers to invite more interested people to join. 

Conduct the Transactions Electronically 

Covid 19The outbreak of Covid-19 urges people to reconsider about reaching for cash. It is a great time to modernize the real estate market with advanced technology. E-transaction is a great solution to avoid potential hygiene problems caused by handing banknotes. It is also time-saving as you do not have to make time to meet the transacting parties in person. MLS is a service that enables real estate agents to conduct e-transaction using PDF and e-signature.  

Control the Safety of the Viewings 

Sometimes it is inevitable to visit a house when buyers are serious about buying it. As a real estate agent, you need to assure the safety of in-person viewings. Make sure that the safety protocols like maintaining physical distance, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, using protective masks and gloves, limiting the number of visitors, etc., are exactly followed. Don’t forget to enforce these rules to your own office as well. 

Do Health Check for Individuals 

Covid 19Nobody wants you to put yourself or others at the risk of catching disease. So when people come to visit an open house or meet you at your office, don’t be shy to ask them if they are currently ill or have recently traveled. Most of all, oblige yourself to adhere to Covid-19 health and safety protocols. This not only encourages the buyers and sellers to take care of their own and others’ health but also makes you be known as a considerate and reliable real estate agent. 

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