Tuesday , August 11 2020

How Real Estate Virtual Tour Helps Us during Covid-19

Real Estate Virtual Tour

Real estate virtual tours are rapidly replacing open house events. Canada’s real estate market has drastically changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The restrictions placed by the government get most real estate agents to turn to modern technology as a marketing strategy. Since physical distancing has become a serious challenge for most real estate buyers, sellers, and agents, most transactions in the housing market are being conducted through virtual house tours and electronic contracts. 

What Does Real Estate Virtual Tour Do? 

Real estate virtual tour is something most real estate agents are quite familiar with. After the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, however, a significant uptick in using virtual house tours can be seen all around the country. Many people still need to buy a house or sell their properties for some reasons. Thanks to modern technology, both house owners and buyers can feel safe and less worried about their safety during the property selling process. 

How Real Estate Virtual Tour Works?

Real Estate Virtual Tour

These days many agents have access to the  online tools and technology required to create professional-quality 360° photos and 360°virtual tours. 3D models, and floor plans for their latest list of offerings. A good reason why virtual house tours are by far the best form of digital marketing for real estate businesses is the technology employed in creating them. That is, the ability to host virtual walkthrough using live video chat with up to 8 visitors at the same time. Such an option allows the potential buyers to navigate the house at their pace and explore every part of it freely. 

 Advantages of Real Estate Virtual Tour for Sellers 

Selling a house is a costly and time-consuming process. By using virtual real estate tours, you no longer need to pay for online adverts, For Sale’ signs, or open houses. In addition, virtual home tours provide you with enormous additional potential sale opportunities because more people can see your house from all areas of the country. Another remarkable advantage is that an open house is available only for limited visiting hours while a real estate virtual tour is available 24/7. So the prospects with a tight schedule don’t need to plan their visits in advance and this means you can sell your house faster. In addition, you no longer need to be worried about having strangers visiting your house. 

Advantages of Real Estate Virtual Tour for Buyers 

A virtual house tour helps you spend less time and money on searching the right house. You don’t need to make time and put yourself at risk of getting infected by Covid-19 to visit the various houses before making the final decision. Moreover, online tours are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Above all, a real estate virtual tour enables you to walk through the house and see a 360° view of it. Even if you live in a different city, you can navigate through the rooms and visualize yourself in the new home. At last, virtual house tours can be downloaded and seen offline so you can show the house you are going to buy to your family and friends and know their opinions about it. 

How Do Agents Benefit from Real Estate Virtual Tour? 

Real Estate Virtual Tour

Virtual house tour software has many advantages not only for home buyers and sellers but also for real estate agents. First, now that the world is passing through the pandemic of Covid-19, it is essential for all real estate business owners and agents to come up with new plans to do business with their clients. Second, real estate agents can earn the respect of their clients by offering them a convenient, easy, and efficient alternative method of doing business. Therefore, not only can the agent turn the threats into sales opportunities but also can keep their clients satisfied and interested by exceptional services. 

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