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Real Estate X Stand Banners

Realtor X Banners

Full-colour real estate X stand banners look sleek and professional in any space. Indoor X banners are effective display solutions for a wide range of professional use, from branding to advertising and event promotion. These chic, eye-grabbing banners successfully communicate your marketing message with the target audience, keeping your brand front and center no matter what the occasion.


Real estate X stand banners are printed on durable, tear-resistant vinyl banner material using fade-resistant ink. The product has grommets on all four corners for attaching the banner to the hooks on the stand. The graphics can be replaced if needed. You only need to take down the old graphics and set up a new one. Currently, we only offer the standard X banner size of 23.6” W x 63” H.


Real estate X banners come with a lightweight, durable X stand that sets up in no time without needing any tools. The X stand has four flexible arms with grommet hooks on the top to set up the banner. You can also order the banner graphics without a stand. Our X banners are suitable for in-office use, conferences, events, presentation, shows and other occasions. Ready to create a buzz in your next real estate event? Start with your brand.

Product Details


  • 2-4 day production
  • Full-colour printing
  • 13oz matte vinyl
  • Sizes: 23.6” x 63”
  • Carrying case included
  • Grommets on all four corners
  • Standard stand included  ...

How to Set up X Banners?

Step 1: Open the carrying case and remove the banner, base and poles.

Step 2: Fold the stand base out. (Depending on the stock available, your stand may include poles and a central X hub. In that case, insert three poles into the lower receptacles of the central hub, creating a tripod)

Step 3: Insert the top poles into the top receptacles of the base.

Step 4: Insert the hooks located on the top of the poles into the grommets of the banner.


Real Estate X Banner Designs

Shop eye-catching real estate roll up banners at the best prices online. If you consider opening or growing your realty business, roll up banners are proven to be of great help. Agent Print’s branded banners go beyond a few images and contact details. We design and print visually appealing real estate roll up banners that make lasting impressions.


How to Personalize Real Estate X stand Banners?

As Canada’s leading real estate printing service, it’s on us to keep our customers happy with our products and services. Do you care about the quality? So do we! We use everything under the sun to build real estate X stand banners that yield expected results.


No design experience? We’ve made it easy for you! Our free online cutting-edge design tool makes any design possible. To use our design tool, log in to your account and select your product, then click on Make Your Own Design. On the next page, click on Design Your Own. Now you can bring your unique ideas to life!


Already have print-ready artwork? To submit your graphic design files, log in to your account and select your product, then click on Upload Design. To ensure that all requirements are met, please go through our artwork guidelines before submission.


Look for something unique? Let our professional graphic designers make a custom design for you. To use our “Custom Design Service”, log in to your account and select your product. On the product page, click on Hire a Designer?, then choose Yes, Create a Design for Me Using an Template.

Real Estate X Banner Templates

Not have a design? No problem. Design real estate X stand banners with no hassle - and for FREE! Premade templates enable you to make a unique design while saving your money and time. To customize a template is as easy as anything. Even if you have no design experience, we help you to make a unique design.


To use our free design templates, log in to your account and click on the product you want to order. On the next page, select one of the design templates available. Now you can add your text and images to the design. So simple, wasn’t it?

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