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Real Estate Business Cards

Why Business Cards Are Important for Realtors?

People trust first impressions. Turn your real estate business card into powerful tools to make quick, lasting first impressions. Nothing can beat the lasting impact of top-quality, personalized real estate business cards on your prospects. These small, graphical pieces of paper, if designed properly, can become one of the most powerful weapons in your armoury.

Your real estate business cards are usually the first visual image people have of your business. Real estate potential clients start to develop opinions on you immediately after seeing or touching your real estate business cards. The design and quality of your real estate business cards are a reflection of the possible quality of your brand and service. How do you want real estate clients to perceive your brand?

We create real estate business cards that outdistance your competitors by a long way! Business cards are essentially created to deliver contact information with ease but the quality of paper stock and excellence of design also matters. Agent Print offers great business cards with various cover stock, finish and design options. Our prices suit every pocket. Sign up to order business cards at unmatchable prices!


The cost of printing real estate business cards changes depending on the cover stock, finishing options, quality and design method you order.

A typical real estate business card usually contains the company’s logo, agent’s name and contact details, company address and website URL. However, you may add other information to your real estate business cards, depending on your needs.

Yes, we recommend you add your company address to your real estate business cards.

The use of your photo on real estate business cards is completely optional. To order real estate business cards with photos, choose one of our templates with photos and customize it with your picture and contact information.

Currently, we only offer rectangle real estate business cards. All our business cards come in standard sizes (3.5” x 2” and 2” x 3.5”).

Our real estate business cards are printed on 14pt, 16pt and 18pt cover stock.

For real estate business cards, the minimum quantity to order at one time is 125.

We use matte and gloss cover stock.

Your business cards are prepared within 2-5 business days of receiving your order. Under certain conditions, it may take longer for the orders to get ready. Please note that turnaround time ONLY includes the time needed to produce your job and have it ready to ship or pick up. Click here to learn more about the production time of products.

Should You Have a Business Card for Real Estate?

The answer is “Yes”. Custom real estate business cards are still found in every astute agent’s pocket. What’s special about business cards? ...
You may ask. No doubt the growth and survival of every business heavily rely on having an authentic business network that drives leads. The reason real estate business cards could stand the test of time is simple. Business cards are direct marketing tools. Don’t underestimate the power of in-person meetings that goes on with sharing real estate business cards.

Real estate business cards are a convenient way to share contact information with potential leads. Remember that potential leads could be anywhere - at conferences, shopping malls, family parties, airports, etc. It would be wise to have a stack of real estate business cards in your pocket to take advantage of the opportunity.

Best Real Estate Business Cards

Get instant credibility with our can’t-miss real estate business cards. We offer fast and affordable printing services, free design templates, custom design services, price matching and more. Both quality and price are absolutely guaranteed! Order now!

How to Design a Real Estate Business Card?

A thoughtful real estate business card design is one that goes beyond the agent's contact details. The way you present your information is as important as the information you’re going to share. Here are some absolutely killer real estate business cards ideas for successful networking in the current year.

The Ultimate Guidelines on Real Estate Business Cards

Create a Design that Reflects Your Brand

Did you know the quality of your real estate business cards affects people’s judgment about you? Most agents may not be aware that their business cards reflect their brand personality. Remember it's better to have no business card at all than a poor-quality business card. It can be very difficult to change the public’s opinions about a brand. If people don’t like your realty business cards, they’ll be less willing to do business with you.

Simple Is Elegant

Sometimes, minimal, colourless designs better convey the sense of luxury, professionalism, and high-end flourishes than colourful designs with images do. If getting colourful doesn't fit your brand personality, consider using neutral colours. A luxurious black and gold or black and silver colour palette is a safe choice. For example, you can use a design associated with your career on a solid black background as the centrepiece of your business card.

Use Pops of Color

It won’t be that much inspiring but a large number of real estate business cards are mostly black, white or gray in colour. Getting colourful is a way to set yourself apart from the competition. The use of the brand’s colours in real estate business card design is a tried-and-true way to grab the immediate attention of viewers.

The choice of business card colours must be made cautiously. Remember that different colours spark different feelings in people. While warm colours like red, orange, or yellow evoke a feeling of enthusiasm, power, confidence and strength, cooler colours like blue or green are often associated with trust, safety and intelligence.

A Smiling Face Goes a Long Way

In the real estate world, relationships are the king. As a part of your job, you have to meet and greet clients every day. Adding a picture of yourself on your real estate business cards is a good way to kick off the relationship early. People may forget your name or phone number but they always remember your confident face smiling at them.

Get Prospects on Your Website

There is absolutely no way you can get everything about your business on an average-sized real estate business card. Only let absolutely vital information be on. For additional information, you can insert a QR code that takes prospects directly to your website.

Give a Fresh Take to Your Business Cards

Does a real estate business card have to be traditionally rectangular? Rectangle cards are the most common orientation used but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. There is no “have to” – design your card as you wish. Vertical orientation, rounded corners, embossed logo with shiny ink, or innovative shapes associated with the industry can help your real estate business cards to stay ahead of the pack.

Add a Special Finish

Do your real estate business cards sound pretty simple? A special finish like Gloss UV or Soft-touch coating helps your realtor business cards stand out in a pile of other cards. If you are a big fan of minimal designs, using some special effects can add additional lustre to your cards without ruining the design. Golden or painted edges not only add sophistication to simple real estate business cards but also give them a dash of splendour. To order high-quality business cards with a wide variety of special and luxury finish options, please visit

Where to Order Real Estate Business Cards?

Ready to get your business cards printed? Let us take care of all your printing needs. We print real estate business cards with the latest equipment. Purchase with confidence.

Real Estate Business Card Design

Shop stylish realtor business cards online at the best prices! If you consider opening or growing your realty business, real estate business cards are found to be of great help. Agent Print’s branded business cards go beyond a smiling photo and contact details. We design and print visually appealing real estate business cards that make lasting impressions.

How to Personalize Real Estate Agent Business Cards?

As Canada’s leading real estate printing service provider, it’s on us to keep our customers happy with our products and services. Do you care about the quality? So do we! We use everything under the sun to create professional real estate business cards that yield expected results.

No design experience? We’ve made it easy for you! Our free online cutting-edge design tool makes any design possible. To use our design tool, log in to your account and select your product, then click on Make Your Own Design. On the next page, click on Design Your Own. Now you can bring your creative ideas to life!

Already have print-ready artwork? To submit your design files, log in to your account and select your product, then click on Upload Design. To ensure that all requirements are met, please go through our artwork guidelines before submission.

Look for something unique? Let our professional graphic designers make a custom design for you. To use our “Custom Design Service”, log in to your account and select your product. On the product page, click on Hire a Designer?, then choose Yes, Create a Design for Me Using an Template.

Real Estate Business Cards Templates

Not have a design? No problem. Use our design templates to design a memorable business card for real estate agents with no hassle - and for FREE! A premade free real estate business card template enables you to make a fast design while saving your money and time. To customize a template is as easy as anything. Even if you have no design experience, we help you to design creative real estate business cards.

To use our real estate business card templates, sign in to your account and click on the product you want to order. On the next page, select one of the design templates available. Now you can add your text and images to the design. So simple, wasn’t it?

Matte vs Glossy Real Estate Business Cards

The major difference between matte and glossy business cards is that glossy cards have shiny look while matte cards don't. Matte, non-glossy cover stock gives a clean, glare-free and modern look to your business cards. On the other hand, the glossy cover stock makes colours pop, giving your cards a shiny, vibrant look.

UV or Matte Real Estate Business Cards

Applying a UV layer on your real estate business cards enhances your design. UV coated cards reflect the light, making colours look more rich and in-depth. Matte business cards are recommended if you want your card not to show fingerprints after someone touch it.

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