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Real Estate Door Hangers

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Say hi to your new clients on their doorsteps! Real estate door hangers put your advertising right in front of the target audience. Door hanger marketing is a failsafe strategy to ensure your advertising is seen by masses of people. If you look to work on a specific farm, door hangers for real estate agents can foster brand awareness and reinforce your presence in the area!


Be the first agent local sellers contact! Real estate door hangers are proven to generate seller leads. There are dozens of homeowners who consider selling their homes and also many others who will need your service. Running real estate door hanger campaigns in a timely manner is an effective tactic to remind local sellers about your presence. Also, creative real estate door hangers attract potential buyers to open houses, and are equally good for promoting current listings and sold houses.


Ready to win more real estate leads within your target market? Get truly effective real estate door hangers with just a click! We offer the best prices online in Canada, fast turnaround and nationwide shipping. You can also use our free template service to make personalized door hangers in minutes. Place an order now!


Agent Print is a go-to online print shop for agents. We design and print high-quality real estate door handers at unmatchable prices.

The size of the hole fits common door handles/doorknobs

Currently, we only offer the size 4.25" x 11".

Product Details


  • 3-5 day production
  • Full-colour double-sided printing
  • 14pt gloss cover
  • 2-sided UV option available
  • Size: 4.25" x 11"
  • Quantity Options: 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000  ...

What Are Real Estate Door Hangers?

Real estate door hangers are a piece of real estate marketing materials. The product has some sort of an opening on the top that enables you to hang it on a door handle. Real estate door hangers exist in a variety of sizes and shapes, but currently, we only offer the most frequently used size of 4.25” by 11”. We use full-colour, double-sided printing. Door hangers are commonly used in real estate as a way to generate leads and sales.

How Effective Are Door Hangers?

You might be wondering if real estate door hangers really work? Door-to-door advertising is a time-tested and inexpensive way to get connected with offline leads. However, for some reason, many agents cross this strategy off their lists. Real estate door hangers are a perfect alternative to in-person marketing. Instead of knocking on people’s doors and directly asking for business, place a door hanger on the door handles and wait for their calls.


Real estate door hangers have some advantages over cold visiting. First, you are no longer afraid that people get pissed off or slam the door on your face! Second, door hangers safely deliver your message to the target prospects right on their doorsteps. Home residents cannot fail to notice a beautiful object hanging from the door handle.


High-quality personalized real estate door hangers go a long way in building brand awareness and trust with potential clients. Fourth, door hanger marketing is a fairly affordable strategy. If deployed properly, real estate door hangers can create a high ROI that is worth the expense.

Real Estate Door Hanger Design

Shop branded real estate door hangers people can’t take their eyes off of! We’re a go-to real estate print shop having 21 years of experience in graphic design and printing. We build visually appealing real estate door hangers that drive the expected results. Don’t look any further, order now!

How to Personalize Real Estate Door Hangers?

As Canada’s leading real estate printing service provider, it’s on us to keep our customers happy with our products and services. Professional designs are the key to successful sign marketing. That’s why we use everything under the sun to meet all your design and printing needs. Our real estate door hangers are customizable with your brand logo, text and photos.


No design experience? We’ve made it easy for you! Our free online cutting-edge design tool makes any design possible. To use our design tool, log in to your account and select your product, then click on Make Your Own Design. On the next page, click on Design Your Own. Now you can bring your creative ideas to life!


Already have print-ready artwork? To submit your print-ready design files, log in to your account and select your product, then click on Upload Design. To ensure that all requirements are met, please go through our artwork guidelines before submission.


Look for something unique? Let our professional graphic designers make a custom design for you. To use our “Custom Design Service”, log in to your account and select your product. On the product page, click on Hire a Designer?, then choose Yes, Create a Design for Me Using an Template.

Real Estate Door Hanger Templates

Not have a design? No problem. We help you design your real estate door hangers with no hassle - and for FREE! A premade template enables you to make a fast design while saving your money and time. To customize a template is as easy as anything. Even if you have no design experience, we help you to design unique signs.


To use our free real estate door hanger templates for free, log in to your account and click on the product you want to order. On the next page, select one of the design templates available. Now you can add your text and images to the design. So simple, wasn’t it?

What to Consider in Door Hanger Design?

When it comes to real estate door hanger marketing, your message and your branding are the most crucial considerations to take into account. All door hangers should feature a bold subject line followed by a catchy tagline, the agent’s contact info and other necessary information. In case of promoting an open house, ensure to mention the date and time of the event.


A professional real estate door hanger design should contain the company logo, agent’s name, phone number, email and website URL. Agent Print’s door hanger templates enable you to make an eye-grabbing design that matches your branding. Door hangers are suitable for almost any advertising purpose. The most used types of door hangers are as follows.

  • Open House Door Hangers

  • Just Sold Door Hangers

  • Just Listed Real Estate Door Hangers
  • Comparative Market Analysis Door Hangers
  • Holiday Greeting Door Hangers

How to Distribute Real Estate Door Hangers?

Once you’ve got your real estate door hangers printed, your next step is to distribute them across your farm. You can either do it yourself or hire someone to get the job done. In either case, remember that the right timing is the key. The best time for your real estate door hangers to sit on door handles is when people are ready to sell and buy.

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