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Real Estate Signs

What’s a Flag in Real Estate?

Provide two times of the advertising exposure for your listings! Real estate feather flags are an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, there are many ways to search for a house for sale, rent or lease. But who can ignore an eye-popping real estate display standing tall over there? Set up your realty marketing item in the right places to catch everyone’s eyes

Hope to sell your listing fast? Let real estate feather flags get the job done. Fast sales are all about visibility. The more people notice your advertising, the greater the chance of success. The large, imposing figure of the product can attract would-be buyers from afar. They tower over everything else, providing 24/7 exposure for your advertising. A tailor-made design also helps you build brand awareness and trust.

Promote your just-listed house in style using stop-tracking advertising flags, They’re an absolutely essential supplement to real estate signs. The product is much larger than regular For Sale signs and can be easily noticed from every angle. The tall, imposing figure of an advertising feather flag for real estate grabs everyone’s attention instantly, increasing the visibility of your signage.

Real Estate Signs

Custom Real Estate Flags

Keep your signage consistent with your brand with randed real estate products. Our products are customizable to your brand or any design that fits your unique needs. The product is available in three size options including:

  • Small (10 feet kit size)
  • Medium (12 feet kit size)
  • Large (15 feet kit size)

It’s possible to choose one of the following print side options:

  • Single-sided printing
  • Double-sided printing

In either case, we guarantee to deliver high-quality, vibrant print results. To double the visibility of your message, however, we recommend you select the double-sided printing option.

Our banners are durable, weatherproof, wrinkle-free, washable and easy to assemble and transport. Used both indoors and outdoors, custom feather banners are a versatile option for a wide range of needs. Your order will be ready to ship or pickup within 3-5 business days. Select your brand and order!

Real Estate Signs

Stock Real Estate Flags

If branding is not your concern, our stock real estate feather flags suit your marketing needs. Standing 10 feet tall, the product is visible from a block away. With their visually stunning design and bright colours, stock items are absolute eye-grabbers for all your would-be clients. Our ready-made items come in four eye-grabbing colours including:

  • Red
  • Navy Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

and various text options including:


We offer 1-3 business day production. Look no further. Sign up and order today!

Real Estate Signs

Real Estate Feather Flag Hardware & Assembly

Pole Hardware

Your purchase includes 2-piece, 4-piece and 5-piece pole hardware, depending on the size of the product. The pole is inserted into the ground spike or heavy-duty cross base, keeping the graphics upright. It’s possible to order fabric only, without pole hardware.

Ground Spike

The ground spike is hammered into the ground, keeping the product stable in its place.

Heavy-duty Cross Base

Anchor your real estate display securely using a 4-leg heavy-duty cross base. The cross base is sturdy, foldable and easy to transport.

Water Bag

The water bag is put over the heavy-duty cross base, keeping the material fixed when the wind blows.

Travel Bag

A travel bag is included in your purchase for easy transport. Take your advertising everywhere you go!

How to Assemble Real Estate Feather Flags?

Step 1: Assemble the pole pieces
Step 2: Gently put the fabric onto the pole
Step 3: Pull the fabric entirely down
Step 4: Insert the pole into the ground spike/base.
Step 5: Attach the flag loop to the locking clip at the bottom of the pole.


Agent Print is a go-to online print shop for real estate agents. We manufacture high-quality products at unmatchable prices.

The cost of a product depends on the size, quantity, hardware and other options selected.

The product is made from polyester fabric.

The lifespan of a product depends on how often and in what weather condition it’s used. Assuming proper maintenance, your job will last 1-2 years.

Sorry, we don’t offer the hardware as standalone products. To order a replacement pole set, ground spike, or other additions, please visit

Yes, you can. To order the fabric without hardware, select Fabric Only, No Pole Hardware from the Pole Hardware options.

Best Selling Flags for Real Estate

Get more people to notice your advertising! Real estate stock feather flags are a hassle-free way to wave buyers into your events. Choose from a variety of colours and text options. ...

Real Estate Flags for Open House Signs

Pull the crowd to your open house with the help of tall realtor open house flags. They’re the most optimal outdoor solutions for agents and a convenient way to get potential buyers to the door. Most people spend most of the day outside their homes. Set up real estate open house feather flags in high-traffic places to get more leads offline.

What we offer is an evergreen investment. You may use and reuse the item for quite a long time and under almost any weather conditions. Both stock and custom-printed options are available. Our stock real estate flags open house are very popular but in case you have a creative idea, let us print it for you. Your artwork will be printed on best-quality materials using full-colour dye-sublimation digital printing.

Feather Flag Designs

Shop stylish real estate products online at the best prices. If you consider opening or growing your realty business, realtor custom feather flags are proven to be of great help. Agent Print’s branded realtor flags go beyond a tall sign with text and images. We design and print visually appealing products that make drivers slam on the brakes!

How to Personalize Real Estate Feather Flags?

As Canada’s leading real estate printing services provider, it’s on us to keep our customers happy with our products and services. Do you care about the quality? So do we! We use everything under the sun to create marketing stuff that yields expected results.

No design experience? We’ve made it easy for you! Our free online cutting-edge design tool makes any design possible. To use our design tool, log in to your account and select your product, then click on Make Your Own Design. On the next page, click on Design Your Own. Now you can bring your creative ideas to life!

Already have print-ready artwork? To submit your graphic design files, log in to your account and select your product, then click on Upload Design. To ensure that all requirements are met, please go through our artwork guidelines before submission.

Look for something unique? Let our professional graphic designers make a custom design for you. To use our “Custom Design Service”, log in to your account and select your product. On the product page, click on Hire a Designer?, then choose Yes, Create a Design for Me Using an Template.

Feather Flags Templates

Not have a design? No problem. Design custom signs and marketing products with no hassle - and for FREE! Premade templates enable you to make a unique design while saving your money and time. To customize a template is as easy as anything. Even if you have no design experience, we help you to make a unique design.

To use our templates for free, log in to your account and click on the product you want to order. On the next page, select one of the design templates available. Now you can add your text and images to the design. So simple, wasn’t it?

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